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Chambers & Partners, Private Wealth 2018, 2022:

“Extremely helpful, flexible, fast and responsive. Very, very active on the educational piece on private client issues, particularly as they affect the UAE, does loads of stuff on foundations and making food strides particularly in the local structuring market.”


We are a multi-services platform catering to a broad spectrum of clients – from individual entrepreneurs and local SMEs to wealthy international families, to established blue-chip companies and multinationals. Our one-stop-shop offering is unique in the Middle East: a holistic and cross-disciplinary combination of a market-leading corporate services firm, a law firm’s specialist expertise and a regulatory & compliance services practice, all through one single platform.

We are recognized as one of the Gulf’s leading entry-to-market providers, while consistently ranking as a tier 1 private client and structuring firm. Whatever the complexity of the situation faced by our clients, we aim to provide them with simple, practical yet innovative solutions. Headquartered in the UAE, we are an entrepreneurial firm for entrepreneurial clients.


Family Offices Advisory

We work closely with families who are contemplating establishing, or have already established, a family office to organize and preserve family assets and to implement inter-generational wealth transfer strategies and vehicles. We regularly advise families setting-up a family office on all issues related to family constitutions, family governance and succession. We are also solicited by families to review existing family structures and operations and provide guidance on how to improve them.

Our specific know-how and personalized approach to clients make our firm the niche partner of choice for multiple intermediaries throughout the wealth management industry, private banks, law firms, trust entities and multi-family offices worldwide, for their clients’ Middle East requirements.

What every SFO / Family Holding should know

Extensive experience of advising local and international families – Muslim and non-Muslim – with Middle East exposure on a broad range of wealth and structuring issues


Recent Work

  • Advised several high profile international families on the use of the UAE for asset consolidation and legacy planning, through a combination of tools (HoldCo, corporate migration, ADGM/DIFC foundations, PTC)
  • Advised several entrepreneurial families on the restructuring and consolidation of their UAE business consisting of UAE mainland LLCs, as well as Real Esstate. Use of ADGM & DIFC jurisdictions and tools for enhanced control and security
  • Advised several families on the creation of a private trust company / foundations (DIFC trust law, ADGM/DIFC foundations; UAE, KSA, UK, US real estate assets)
  • Advised several art collectors and art dealers on asset management, protection and legacy planning strategies in relation to their private art collection (use of ADGM/DIFC foundation in combination with ADGM SPVs / DIFC Prescos)
  • Advised numerous successful individuals on the restructuring of Dubai real estate units previously held in name or through non-optimal corporate structures, using DIFC Foundations tool
  • Advised on the compliance of a proposed legacy planning and asset protection solution with Shari’a. Secured Islamic rulings (fatwa) from the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments (GAIAE).